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Top 3 Nautical / Ocean Baby Blanket Ideas for your Nursery

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

When my children were little I remember being so excited to plan out the nursery. I had this picture in my head of having so much fun painting and preparing the room for my little one. In reality it was much different. When I went to the big box stores I was ill inspired by the outdated garish choices for nursery themes. Everything was plastered with cartoon, juvenile prints and either bright shades of Pepto-Bismol pink or powder blue. We had decided not to find out the gender which left us with not much of a choice of décor. It seemed grey and bland was my only option. Fast forward a few years and now I have started my own company, Miltan Made, with a vision to offer something different. Something that not only is cute for baby but also equally beautiful for parents to enjoy.

Growing up in Southern California I have always had a fascination with the ocean. I spent a lot of my childhood either in or on the ocean and have so many fond memories of whale watching, tide pools, and kayaking through surrounding harbors. When I met and married my husband who is a Navy Sailor it gave me the opportunity to travel around the United States (almost) always near water and explore Hawaii, Washington and now Florida coasts as well. When I started Miltan Made I knew that nautical themes where high on my list and ended up being the first blankets I made. Being inspired by the sea I looked through thousands of prints from various designers and selected only the most beautiful and unique nautical prints to feature in our store. I have gathered up our top 3 Nautical Theme prints to help inspire your nursery!

#3 Orca/Killer Whale Minky Blanket with a Chambray Blue Backing

I really don't think there is a more beautiful and impressive creature in the Ocean than the Orca. Inspired by my time in the Pacific Northwest, this Orca/Killer whale blanket will really help set up your nursery with style. The designer who makes this pattern does a beautiful job of utilizing water colors to create her masterpieces. Because of the neutral black and white print the minky backing of the blanket can we swapped out with a variety of colors including "Iron grey" or "Icy Mint" minky and has been customized with teal and pink as well.

If interested in this blanket visit Orca Whale Modern Nautical Minky Blanket | Miltan Made

#2 Colorful Jellyfish Minky Blanket with a Blossom Pink or Lake Blue backing

When I brought up the idea to buy a "Jellyfish" pattern to my husband for our Minky Blanket shop, he thought I was out of my mind! However, I decided to purchase it anyways and it has raised eyebrows ever since. Many families (especially new mothers and fathers) want to break away from the "ordinary" and this jellyfish print will do just that! The deep blue background makes all the bright jellyfish pop and the vibrant colors provide great visual stimulation to capture the interest of your baby..

This print also works well when we pair it with a "Lake Blue" backing.

If interested in this blanket visit Colorful Jellyfish Minky Blanket | Miltan Made

#1 Whale Shark Minky Blanket with a Poseiden Blue Minky Backing

When choosing this pattern I definitely underestimated how popular whale sharks were! The one of a kind markings on these creatures are a perfect example of natures beautiful designs and this print was the very first one I picked for our shop. I didn't know what response I would get when presenting such a random theme for a baby blanket but decided to go with my gut. I am so glad I did, as this pattern has by far been our best seller to date! These watercolor whale sharks can help bring your nautical or ocean theme to life with a "Poseidon blue" backing!

If interested in this blanket visit Whale Shark Nautical Minky Blanket | Miltan Made

Our blankets come in 4 sizes:

-16x16 Lovey/Security blanket. Perfect for baby to snuggle with take on an adventure with him/her. *not a full-size blanket

-26x34 Baby Blanket. This blanket is perfect for wrapping up your little ones for use in a crib carseat or stroller.

-36x52 Toddler/Child. This size is perfect to grow with and can be used by toddlers, young children, or as a lap blanket for adults.

-50x60 Adult Throw. This is our largest size and makes a great addition to any reading corner or as an extra bit of warmth on the sofa.

Visit our shop at Shop | miltan made or send us a message at

For more unique upcoming prints, visit us on social media!

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